Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Want 15% Off on Your Pizza? Bring Yur Gun!

OK, folks, yes, one of our local folks in Virginia Beach made the big time. Yes, the owner of a pizza place made national news with his offer of 15% off on his pizzas if you came packin' heat in what we call open carry. Yes, open carry is just like it sounds. Sling your rifle or shotgun over your shoulder or strap on your six gun...or Glock, or whatever-you-have.. For those folks who carry concealed, just show your permit.
Yes, it was entertaining and great fun to watch all of the comments posted in our local online newspaper. Also, the owner was interviewed by Piers Morgan. Hey, it can't be any cooler than that.
One of the videos showed the folks who were dining. Yep, there was one young man who had his rod strapped to his side. And, yes, his baseball cap was on backwards.
Of course, the bulk of the comments were that it would be a really safe place because everyone had guns.
Well, I won't argue that one way or the other....
The only thing I know, is I'm surely not going to a restaurant where folks are flocking because they can get 15% off for showing up with guns.

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