Friday, March 15, 2013

Dog Has Cancer, No Problem.

A few months ago I learned that there was a cure for cancer; well, cancer in dogs at least. Yes, for a few bucks a 102 page book will be your dog's salvation. Yes, for a mere $21.38 you will learn how to cure your dog. To spare myself some pounding of the keys, here's the book review I left on Amazon.

"I guess my first comment about this book and this treatment, would be the obvious: it's written by a chiropractor. Chiropractic was dreamed-up or invented, if you will, by a grocer who had no medical training. DD Palmer in 1895 started chiropractic and proclaimed that he'd cured a fellow who was deaf, by adjusting his spine. I guess old DD didn't know that there are no nerves in the spine that have anything to do with hearing and the ears.
DD also talked about vertebral subluxations. He claimed that adjusting the spine could fix most diseases, illnesses, or maladies. He also spoke about vitalism and innate intelligence.
Of course, in all of these years since no one has "found" a vertebral subluxation. Recently, I think a couple of years ago, a British chiropractic association admitted that there is no such thing as a vertebral subluxation. It would seem, unless I'm missing something here, that chiropractors having been adjusting something that has never existed. Hey, I could be wrong...
Sometimes people start regular treatment for cancer. Yes, they have chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They then for various reasons stop standard treatment and seek so-called alternative treatments. If they get better, they credit the alternate treatment and not the conventional treatment. Suzanne Somers may well be an example of this.
If I were a chiropractor, or heck, just who I am, and figured out how to cure dogs of cancer, the first thing I'd do is go to the veterinarians' equivalent of JAMA and give them the information. I would want to share my healing regimens with the world so that all dogs could be healed, not only the ones whose owners bought a 102 page book.
Well, I could go on and on but will stop for now. I will leave you with this; I think it was Carl Sagan who said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Or, something like that. You folks take care and be a little skeptical."

I guess several questions could be posed... Does this fellow actually think that he can cure dogs of cancer? If so, would we say that he's delusion? Yes, mentally ill? Or, is he just an outright fraud preying on people who are so desperate to help their pets? Why is it when these quacks rear their ugly heads, that none of our government agencies, who are there to protect us from fraud and charlatans, ever step in and shut these people down? The cancer scams have been going on since we first learned about cancer and yet nothing is ever done.
Also, as an aside, his book, at least at the moment, is selling better than mine. Yes, pay Eisen $21.38 for a useless 102 pages, a book that is hawking his supplements and such...or, hey, for $7.95 you can buy my book and I'll almost (notice I said, almost) guarantee you a few laughs.
You know, I guess we could say that chiropractors can almost get away with murder. Well, there may not be an almost here.

Note: As an afterthought, I borrowed the duck from the Internet. Yes, some might call it cute or funny and it may well be; however, there is nothing cute or funny about chiropractors.

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