Monday, March 11, 2013

Ahh, There is Now a Contender....

OK, folks. Last night was the first taste test for Bertolli's Olive Oil & Garlic sauce. Yes, without any extras, mushrooms, crumbles, olives, and so on, I poured it over thin spaghetti. I usually put salt, grated cheese, and dried red pepper on the pasta before pouring on the sauce. For the sauces being evaluated during the Quest, there will be no add-ons. Yep, just the pasta, with a little salt and the sauce. This was truly an epicurean (first time I've used this word and yes, I looked it up) delight. Yes, the spaghetti was way up there, passing by terrific to some higher plateau. Of course, as a want to be scientist, one test surely isn't enough. The next time to Kroger's I will get a couple of more bottles. And, the quest continues.

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