Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Want to be Your Friend....Sure!

I just read on CNN that a man is going to visit his 700-plus friends. Yes, his Facebook friends.
I joined Facebook, I believe May 22nd, a couple of years ago. I learned that someone was soliciting cartoons of Mohammed. Yep, that Mohammed. As I best remember this was in protest of all of the violent events that happened after a cartoon was published in a Danish (I think) newspaper.
Well, I had to join in-order to see the cartoons, and, yes, I did join.
Pretty soon as if by magic I'm getting emails and such saying so-and-so wants to be my friend.
Yes, I'm not naive enough to think they really want to be my friend. You know, the old saying, A friend is someone who will help you bury the bodies. Yes, I knew they didn't want to be that kind of friend.
I don't remember clicking on anything that would make someone my friend; however, the next thing is my Facebook place is being bombarded with photos, notes, and requests to be friends. And, then, I think they started sending out requests to be friends of friends of friends. Dang! Anyway, I am no longer a Facebook kind of guy; in fact, I don't guess that I ever was. I was able to disengage or something, though it didn't seem that I had actually quit. You know, get rid of the site as if I'd never been there. Dang, I think once you sign up they have you forever. Sort of the digital equivalent of making a pact with the Devil.

BTW, the pup you see in the snap is not my friend. In fact, she's an albatross in a dog costume. I often say, the proof that there is a god is this dog. Yep, she's a triflin' ass mutt that god sent to aggravate me. Of course, she does have her moments when she's pretty nice and trys to be a good pal. Though, admittedly, they are infrequent.

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