Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stripper Factories and Beer Volcanoes in Heaven? How's That Sound?

In 2005, Bobby Henderson, a college student majoring in physics, approached the Kansas School Board and lobbied to have The Flying Spaghetti Monster taught in school. At the time it was before the school board to teach Intelligent Design along side evolution.
The followers, believers, adherents to The Flying Spaghetti Monster believe that when you go to heaven it is filled with stripper factories and beer volcanoes. Hey, guys, how does that sound?
Now, are you going to throw in with the FSM? Or, would you rather go to the heaven that's up in the clouds and have to pray all day.
Ladies, no, I haven't forgotten about you folks. I'm sure the FSM isn't a
misogynistic god. He truly loves and cares about all of his children. I have an emergency phone call placed and I'm sure I'll hear from Him shortly.

January 1, 2012

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