Monday, March 18, 2013

Maybe Baby Jesus Can Help?

Yes, I know, I’m incorrigible.
A few months ago, a local night club was shut down. As I best remember this happened in court.
The night club, under different managers and owners, has been in business for years; 25, 30, most likely. Anyway, it’s always had a reputation as a hangout for, well…rowdy groups of mainly younger people. Yep.
The police department has a long recorded history of calls for service. Yes, I guess that means the old 911 calls.
Things came to an end, if you will, when someone was murdered on the dance floor. Yes, he was bashed in the head with a bottle.
Enough’s enough’s said the police department and the local citizens who live near the place.
The police chief, police officers, and citizens gave court testimony.
To counter it all, the owner said he was going to have Bibles available in the entry area, write scriptures on the bathroom mirrors, and close out the night with gospel music.
The judge said no.
Does the judge not believe in the power of religion?

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