Friday, March 15, 2013

257 Bears Killed First Day of Hunt in New Jersey

When I got up today, December 6, 2011, this was a headline on MSNBC and elsewhere, that greeted me. Reading the articles, it seems that Division of Fish and Wildlife in New Jersey decided a hunt was the only way the bear population could be dealt with.
On the other side, the citizens, who protested and are members of, say otherwise. They claim the state is using junk science and manipulating the information.
Yes, I have an interest in what the protesters are saying and it does seem that there could be ways other than shooting them that would accomplish their objectives. However, the purpose of this essay is to look at another aspect of
the trophy hunt.
Most of us are snapshot takers. Yep, we fire away on vacations, record birthdays, Christmas, take snaps of our boats, cars, participation in our hobbies, sports...well, I think all will agree, that we take snaps because we are proud of something and the snaps allow us in a visual way, to somewhat relive the event that has been captured by the snap.
This is part that I guess I understand on some level but that is a little puzzling and, well a little disturbing, if I may use that word.....
I'd be willing to bet you that every hunter involved in the bear hunt that killed a bear has a snap, rifle in hand, or propped-up and seen in the snap posed next to the dead bear.
Hey, I bet most of the snaps will be enlarged and framed and will hold a prominent place in a den, living room, and no telling where else. Though I have no idea what happens to the carcasses of the bears, I would guess that if allowed by the Division of Fish and Wildlife, that at least some will end up as bear heads mounted, and proudly displayed and hung from a wall.
No, I'm not arguing against or for hunting as I surely do not have enough information to have any sort of an opinion. Of course, some times I will express an opinion with little information and no research.
OK, in order to be proud of killing the bear what would my thought process be? Hey, you know those bears, they are strong and can be brutal and have killed people and on and on.
Of course, someone other than the bear shooting person might say, Well, let's see what you are proud of. You went out in the woods with a most likely giant rifle and killed a bear that had absolutely no way to defend itself. If you guys are so macho and so much a real man, hey, challenge the bear to a fight. Yeah, duke it out with the bear. Here, even if you won, what does it say?
You folks remember the first Planet of the Apes movie? The one with Charleton Heston? Yes, the apes did the same thing as the bear hunters. Yes, the apes posed with the humans who they had killed.
No, I'm surely not comparing bear hunters to apes. Hmmm. But, should we, should I?

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