Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Red Lobster Bites the Big One!

I like flounder. With almost no exceptions, I order flounder when I'm in a restaurant that I know has decent flounder.
Anyway, was looking for a new place to eat. Hadn't eaten in a Red Lobster in twenty or so years. Looked on the Internet and wow, did their
flounder look good. There it was, a couple of good-sized pieces cooked to a golden brown.
Yes, I know, it ain't always like they show it. I'm not that naive. But, anyway, yes, headed out to RL.
Pleasant waitress. Yes, as I always do, I stressed that I wanted the flounder crispy. You guessed it. Yep, it was placed before me. As I best remember, there were three small pieces. Browned? Nope, in fact, it didn't even look cooked. Dang. When will I learn. As I had already eaten the salad (which was good) I ordered shrimp. No, I didn't even try the flounder. And, no I didn't want them to try again. For cryin' out loud...crispy????? and not even brown.
Anyway, had a few truly ordinary shrimp that tasted too much like the oil they were cooked in.
And, there you have it.

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