Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey, I Want Wednesdays Off so I Can Pray to Zeus....

Let's see, what year is this? 2013, you say. And most of us still believe in superstitions and myths?
Our local on-line paper (Norfolk, Virginia) had an article yesterday about folks asking for time off to go pray. Yes, to go pray. To go to their churches, synagogs, temples, and what-have-you. The reporter even interviewed a few lawyers about what the laws are, if you will, about accommodating employees so they can go to their places of worship and pray away.
Let's see, if I was still working I could say to my boss, Hey, Boss, I need off every Wednesday so I can go and pray to Zeus.
What are you talking about?
What do you mean?
You know, who is this Zeus?
Who is this Zeus, dang, you ain't never heard of Zeus? He's a big deal Greek god. I mean, he's da man. Yep, Zeus can kick ass.

Vaguely, maybe. You know when I was in school and the teacher was talking about Greek mythology. You can't worship a myth.
Well, you get the idea. Then she'd talk about recognized religions. Yep, if it ain't recognized you can't take off.
Who determines which religions are recognized?
And, so it goes.
Enough of this.

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