Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Not Going to Shave! Yes, My Religion Forbids it!

Nidal Hasan, a major in the US Army and a psychiatrist, November 5, 2009 murdered 13 people and wounded many others. This happened at Fort Hood, Texas.
I did a search today and didn't find any kind of update. The last that I read was, yes, the trial came to a screeching halt because this man refused to shave.
As I best understand it, the prosecutor is saying the witnesses may have a hard time identifying him because of the beard (I doubt that). And, of course, he's claiming because he is Muslim he can't shave.
Well, he'd surely been shaving up until the time her murdered 13 people.
This is truly amazing. Truly.
Also, the judge was removed. I can't remember why.
Let's see, yes, I was in the service for a while. And, yes, I shaved everyday. That's sort of what you do when you're in the service.
Also, the service owns you. Yes, it does and  that's the way it is. They can send you anywhere they want. They can tell you to do any job they want you to do. And, if you give them a hard time you're going to end up in the stockade or brig or what-have-you.
And, you obey all orders, period! No, of course, you don't have to obey an order that is obviously against the law.....
Wow, I wonder what would of happened to me if I refused to shave?  Well, I wasn't Muslim.

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