Friday, March 15, 2013

Kickstarter.... A Neat Program.

This is from March 15, 2013

OK, it wasn't quite a kind of Kickstarter record, but 89-year-old Pearl Malkin did pretty well, too.
Malkin this week reached her target of $3,500 in startup capital for her first-time business business Happy Canes, a line of walking sticks she decorates with artificial flowers.
She debuted the Happy Canes project on Kickstarter in late January and needed to reach her goal by March 23.
Said Malkin, "I want to be an example to young and old people that age shouldn't be a barrier for what you want to do in life."
Her first order of business is to buy a wire cutter. "I've been using scissors to cut the flowers from the wire stems, and it's killing my fingers," she said. And she'll stock up on better quality flowers, too.
Malkin estimates she can make 10 to 20 canes a day. "But if the business grows big, then we might get a factory in L.A. to make the canes," she said.
I'm ready for this," said Malkin. "I may live to be 100 and I want to stay busy."

Do you all know about Kickstarter?Yes, of course it's a Website. Folks go to the site and present their projects that they want to have funded. Many of the projects are writing or photography projects; however, many, like Ms. Malkin's are a business venture.
The person who is seeking financial assistance, presents their project, using a video and text. They say what they want to do and how much money they need. There is a time limit and their target goal must be met or they receive no money.
As I best remember, the pledges go through Amazon using PayPal, though I could be wrong about this. I think you just make your pledge and Amazon holds it until the target date arrives. If the goal is met they transfer your money and if it's not met, well your money was never used.
Yes, I pledged money on several projects. Oh, almost forgot. The folks asking for your support also offer gifts, if you will, to thank you for your support. For instance, if you pledge $10 you might receive a label/sticker telling of their project. One photography project, I donated enough to receive a small photo; still waiting for the photo.
My favorite is a project by a group of Marines who are going to war in Afghanistan. Yes, daily, they are all going all take a self-portrait. When they return, they are going to make a DVD. My thoughts are with John and his fellow Marines. And, yes, John sent me a terrific T-shirt that I'm proud of.

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