Friday, March 15, 2013

Colonel Sherman Potter, MD, Died...

And, so did Harry Morgan at age 96.
Many of you younger folks I am sure have never watched M*A*S*H and possibly have never heard of it. And, if you have never seen the show you have missed out.
MASH was set during the Korean War. Not only was it entertaining in the ha ha way, there were also many serious issues that came up during the program including the absurdities of the military at times and, of course the horrors of war. The other amazing thing was the overall quality of the acting and writing. These were people who you almost felt you knew.
Mr. Morgan gave many of us many hours of TV viewing pleasure, in a way that seems to be gone. Though I gave up TV five or six years ago, the current fare that is supposed to pass for comedy holds a far distant place to a quality program like MASH and, the quality acting from Mr. Morgan and the rest of the cast.
Thank you, Mr. Morgan.

December 2011

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