Monday, March 11, 2013

I Own Property in Scotland...Sort of.

Well, when did all of this start?
About 16 years ago, I was given a going-away party. I was going from one CSB Emergency Services to another. In fact, I was going from Virginia Beach to Norfolk.
I got to the party on time and was one of the first to arrive. There was a bunch of booze out along with food and snacks. The host, Terry, asked if I'd ever had Laphroaig? No.
He reached up in a kitchen cupboard and pulled out a bottle still enclosed in the container. He put down a glass and poured me a drink. He seemed to approach it as a sacred ritual...the pouring of the whiskey.  And, since that day, it's been my favorite. I know basically nothing about booze. Well, some of it just seems cheaply made, and tastes harsh. Not the case with Laphroaig, which is smooth, but the most distinguishing thing is the smell and the taste of peat. Yep, that separates it from the rest.
And, what about my property in Scotland? Well, the nice folks at Laphroaig have given, well...I think leased it to me at no cost, a square foot of land near their factory that's on the island of Islay.
And, that's the story...

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