Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ah, Back to the Sauce...Newman's Own...Another Contender...

Well, this surely wasn't a scientific approach to evaluating spaghetti sauce. Nope, there were too many other variables to actually give Newman's a fair evaluation.
Let's see, where did I stray?
Well, first off I sprinkled enough crushed red pepper to cause a spice-induced nose run. Yep, had to get out the tissues because of the spiciness of  the red peppers. Also, I had a ton of Amour's Italian-style meatballs. And the flavor of the meatballs that simmered with the sauce surely made some difference in the taste, though I'm sure it wasn't significant. But, I can say this, it was pretty darn good. And, I would like to applaud the folks at Newman's for the amount of peppers that they put in their sauce. Yes, nice -size pieces of green pepper along with chunks of tomato. I paid, I think $1.99 at Kroger's. This sauce used to sell for much more. And, yes, I used Kroger's thin spaghetti. Mr. Newman's sauce is definitely a contender.
I would think that many of you may know that Newman was a heck of a racer. As I best remember, he started racing Datsuns in SCCA racing. That was many years ago. The last time I saw him race (on TV), can't remember the make of the car, but it was fast and powerful, and it was a professional race. If my memory serves me correctly, and it may not, I believe his number was 78, and that was his age at the time. A great actor, racer, sauce maker, and the profits from these Newman's products go to charity.The next time you're shopping for sauce, give Newman's a try.

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