Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ah, Tomorrow is Easter...Prayers to You???

Well, have been meaning to post this comment for some time. Decided Easter might be appropriate. So, here's what I want to know about Christians and their praying...
I follow our local online newspaper and for many of the articles read the comments. So here are the type of comments I'm wondering about.
There will be a death and the comments will go something like this: Prayers with, I'll pray for you, You will be in my prayers, Prayers out to you, and so on.
OK, someone is killed in an accident, here's what I want  to know...who are you praying to and what are you praying (for)?
Yes, I'm fumbling around here. Let me try again.
I would imagine that most Christians believe that their god is all powerful, knows everything, can do anything, can cause healings, can perform miracles, and so on. OK, now if that's the case that your god is all powerful and controls everything, what in the heck are you praying for?
Back to the accident. A good person, in fact a good Christian person, is killed in an auto accident. Now, if you believe your god controls everything and makes everything happen, it would seem like he wanted that person dead or it wouldn't have happened. With me, so far?
Of course, I would imagine some Christians may counter with god doesn't control everything. Ah, well, how does he decide what he controls? Well, he works in mysterious ways. That's a good one.
DON'T MENTION  FREE WILL! I'll have my pup track you down.
OK, if he's not running the show and is not all powerful, then what's the deal? He's not powerful enough to stop a car accident but he's powerful enough to put you in hell? Dang, it seems like it'd be easier to stop an accident than put someone in hell...
Well, this article or rant  is not going as I expected. OK, back to the basics.
A person is murdered, "Prayers to the family." OK, when you get down on your knees what do you pray? please make sure this person goes to heaven (hasn't that already been decided?). Pray that they have a nice trip? Pray that they get first class and not economy? Pray that they aren't held up in some type of purgatory? Pray that they get a waterside view in their new condo in heaven? What are you praying (for)?
You know, again...yes, sometimes we learn by rote. The guy who in your mind is in charge is the guy who caused the accident or allowed it to happen or who just doesn't care enough to be concerned about it at all and you're praying to him for what?
Now, the bible says your prayers will be answered. Obviously, that's not true. Are we back to god works in mysterious ways? Or, he only answers prayers that are worthy. Worthy, what is there, some type of commission that meets and votes on what's worthy and what's not?
One of the best ones I've heard, is that you should pray for god's will to be done. Good one. The most powerful guy around and we need to pray that his will be done. That'd be like me praying that Babe Ruth will let me help him learn to hit home runs.
Now, is a prayer merely a means of communication or is there something more to it than that? You pray so that god can know what you want? A means of communication... Well, if he knows everything he knows what you'll be praying about. So, why bother? For instance, you have a loved one who is ill...surely this powerful god knows that when you pray you'll be praying that he'll heal your loved-one. Or maybe prayer is something about accumulating a Green Stamp type of rewards. You know, for every hour of prayer you have XXX of heaven or prayer chips accumulated.
Yeah, like a heavenly bank account. In fact, that'd be another religious or heavenly scam. Lets's see, you'd go to your corner preacher, "I want my loved one to be cured."
"Well, yes, god and I understand that; however, you need to pray for 1732 hours plus give me $2775 in small bills."
Folks, not sure what you guys are looking for or trying to accomplish, but prayer ain't gonna get it for you. See the photo/snap on this page. You folks are looking in the wrong place and trying the wrong things. You keep praying and there is absolutely no evidence that a prayer has ever been answered. None. After no telling how many years of millions of people praying  and you think you are so special that this so-called god of yours is going to answer your prayer?
And, to add to it all you guys are going to church tomorrow to praise Jesus or something. So, how does the fable go? God allowed his only son to be crucified so that your sins are forgiven or something...and this so-called god resurrected his son. Wow, the god who is so powerful that he can kill his son so we can sin with impunity and then resurrect his son... If I've got this story even half-right, I'd say your god ain't real smart if he couldn't have figured out a better way to go about this.
Why couldn't he have just flapped him arms and spun some kind of miracle so our sins would be forgiven...while being in a bar and having a beer with his son? He really had to kill his son? Isn't that being a little overly dramatic?
Well, in the end, I am thankful and pray every day that I don't have to believe any of that bullshit.

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