Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Humorous Fairly Benign Story...That Actually Happened...

Five or six years ago I stayed at a hotel. In fact, the hotel had hosted a meeting of world leaders, so it was far from a shabby stay for twenty bucks a night place.
Anyway, went to the dining room for dinner. Just outside the doors to the dining room was a short counter. There were a couple of people behind the counter. As I best remember, the conversation went something like this...

Hi, are you here for dinner?
Well, would you mind checking back with us later?

I thought that was kind of odd. Anyway, I walked a few feet and looked in the dining room. Can't remember how many tables total, but there were at least six or so that were cleaned off and empty. So, I'm thinking, what in the heck is going on...

Listen, there are several tables that are empty. I don't want to go back up stairs and then check with you later. If you all are, well...running a little behind or something that's fine. Just seat us, bring us some coffee, and then take your time.

So, yes, we got a table. Waitress came over and brought us coffee. The weird thing was, they didn't seem to be getting backed up or anything. In fact, the waitress took our order promptly and the food came out in a reasonable time. And, the food was fine.

As were were walking by the counter the manager was still there.

By the way, it's not important, but I thought I'd let you know I'm the food editor for the Baltimore Sun. Then I smiled. They all three looked at each other and...well...the manager I think was saying to himself, "Oh, $%&X."

An hour or so later, I went back down to the restaurant and said to the manager, "Hey, I was kidding, I'm not the food editor for the Sun."
We both smiled and he looked relieved.

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